Angelo D’Alessandro

Angelo D’Alessandro – Resident Agent, AQD Construction

Angelo D’Alessandro

Angelo D’Alessandro was born and raised in Detroit; he has grown up being intricately involved in the construction industry for 34 years.

Angelo D’Alessandro is currently working as a Resident Agent at AQD Construction. As a leader in the Civil Construction industry he has been involved in leading many companies and projects that have specializing in Heavy Construction, Demolition, Water and Waste Water, Collection Treatment, and Distribution Systems as well as Infrastructure Rehabilitation, CIPP Lining, and Trenchless Technologies in Southeastern Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, and other areas of the United States.

Starting at a very young age, Angelo learned the business from the ground up. He has worked as a laborer, crew foreman, site superintendent, and general superintendent. Angelo D’Alessandro eventually evolved into operations manager and has owned and operated his own firms. He also founded another company Dalessandro Contracting Group (DCG).

Angelo D’Alessandro has helped many businesses streamline Operations and Project Management. He has been crucial in implementing change in Project Management development by understanding the data that needs to come from the field operations into the office to gain better control over costs and prevent loss by not tracking operations costs effectively.


Angelo D’Alessandro provides consultation in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Project Management
  • Business Operations


Angelo D’Alessandro is also available to speak at your upcoming conferences on the subject of construction and project management.